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Pearl necklace sets might should to be a common jewelry sets used by so many women in all over the world. Even so, do you know that these sets are actually also important parts in traditional modern Indian wedding fashion style? This might not be something you notice but it is so true.

gold pearl necklace setsOf course, the pearl necklace sets used in the wedding fashion style of traditional modern Indian culture is not the same with common necklace sets with pearls as the main precious natural materials. The necklace and some other jewelry, which is usually a pair of earrings made in the same design theme with the theme of the design of the necklace, in the sets are usually made not only from pearls but also other precious material, especially yellow gold. The type of pearls used more often in this kind of sets is usually the ones with smaller size. Of course seed pearls are also involved quite much in the process of production of this kind of jewelry. Sometimes, diamonds are also used in the necklace sets to make these more gorgeous and more precious of course.

pearl necklace sets ukIf being asked about the design of Indian pearl necklace sets used in traditional modern Indian wedding, of course the touches of Indian culture cannot be separated from the design of the necklace sets. It is not only about the use of a lot of small pearls and also yellow gold but also about the layer design often applied to the necklace in the sets. Other than that, there are also some shapes used quite often in the design of this jewelry sets. Two examples which are used quite often are tear-drop shape and also round shape. All of these shapes will make the necklace sets to look prettier on the traditional modern wedding attire, with sari of course, worn by brides in India. If by any chance this kind of wedding is the one you are about to celebrate soon, you may not forget to prepare the necklace sets if you really want to look complete and pretty in your very remarkable wedding day.

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