Pink and Black diamond rings and a stylish design to choose for these


When you are trying to look for some inspirations for pink and black diamond rings designs, the most common one that you can possibly get may be the designs in which the rings are made of black gold or other precious metals in black color that is adorned with pink diamond or something on the contrary. The fact that you have to know is that those rings are not always limited in the designs that are just mentioned previously. There are still many other designs that can be applied for this kind of rings. One good example for this is a diamond ring design is a center stone and 4 side stones, 2 in each side.

pink and black diamond rings Princess CutThe design that is mentioned previously for pink and black diamond rings can be explained to be something like this. It is the design in which pink diamond with round shape is the center stone. It means that the size of this precious stone is bigger than the side of the side stones. Even the center stone is bigger in size you have to remember that it will not look so good if the size is too big. For the side stones, the color of diamonds used is black diamond. To match the shape of the center stone, these ones are also round in cut. The difference is only that the size is smaller. This kind of design is actually exceptional. You may already know that the more common design for diamond ring with center and side stone is 3-stone design instead of 5-stone design. That is why it is proper to be used as inspiration because of the special value it has inside.

pink and black diamond rings 2014One last thing to complete this stylish design of pink and black diamond rings is the type of metal material used in the shank of this ring design. Instead of using white color metal, this design is made to be fascinating by using yellow metal material. Of course, the best type of metal to choose here is gold that has natural yellow color. The use of yellow gold like this can add more elegance to the ring as well as the one who wears it.

pink and black diamond rings three Stone