Pink diamond engagement ring for different looks


What is the Definition of a Pink Diamond? Natural diamonds occur in variety of colors – from white to various fancy colors. Colored diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration. The most common impurity, nitrogen, causes a slight to intense yellow coloration depending upon the type and concentration of nitrogen present. Crystal lattice defects during the formation of diamond cause the pink color. Diamond becomes pink due to deformation in crystalline structure of stone. Pink diamond symbolizes love, romance, creativity and femininity. Pink diamond engagement ring is the best way to convey your love, and it will always hold a special place in your love’s heart

pink diamond engagement ring tourmaline

Pink diamonds are very rare and one of the most popular among all the gemstones. World’s intense pink diamonds are found only at the Argyle Diamond Mine, Australia. Rarity and limited supply of pink diamonds makes them the most expensive of all gemstones. Also, since its supply is declining, it’s going to be more valuable with passage of time.. A pink diamond engagement ring stands for your sweet love that will always remain fresh.

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You can get endless options while choosing between pink diamond engagement ring. There is a wide dimension of mesmerizing hues and intensities to choose from. It ranges from purplish-pink to orangish-pink to brownish-pink shades. Pink champagne engagement ring is also fast getting popular.The traditional properties closely associated with diamonds  are action, passion, and energy. Jewelry containing diamonds are believed to enhance relationships, increasing inner strength and provide the wearer with balance, clarity and abundance. It is believed that wearing jewelry containing a diamond will focus the energies of the precious gemstone through the gem. The color pink has always been closely associated with ladies and young girls and has the symbolic meaning of joy and happiness.

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Pink Diamonds are the most is the most revered diamond in the world and a treasure like no other. The ring below is 14K rose gold diamond engagement ring featuring a rubelite pink tourmaline weighing 0.84 ct. It is very good clarity and amazing cut that shows off all its facets. This french rose color pink tourmaline is natural and untreated. This alternative engagement ring is surrounded by 36 round brilliant cut diamonds. The diamond halo setting further enhances the pave’ set diamonds and the gorgeous center stone. It’s just a beauty pink diamond engagement ring ever!

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring pink champagne