Pink sapphire earrings


Even if it is pink , this Pink sapphire earrings is a member of the corundum family of sapphires . In fact, there are a multitude of colors available besides blue and are considered ” fancy .”

The chemical composition of this stunning gem tones of aluminum oxide , with a little ‘ number of shades of pink. These stones were formed thousands of years there have been exposed to the heat and pressure of the earth. It ‘ possible that pink sapphire earrings and other parts have been heat-treated to create a darker shade of pink.

pink sapphire earring studsToday, a stone necklace with Pink sapphire earrings probably came from Madagascar and Brazil . These sites have huge deposits when it was discovered in the 90s. Before then, the pink stone was rare that the limited number came from some parts of Asia such as Sri Lanka , Vietnam and Burma.

special occasions
Like many gemstones , sapphires is awarded as a lucky charm . Babies September can call this gem of them. To be different , a surprise birthday girl with pink sapphire earrings instead of the expected blue . He is ashamed of fun unique gift.

This beautiful rose bud can also be used to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary . A pink sapphire necklace is a great way to let her know that she is still as beautiful blushing bride of 45 years. Speaking of love and romance, makes a great gift for Valentine’s Day. Yes , Ruby has this party, but a pendant in the shape of pink heart says the same thing .

A little ‘ curiosity
Ancient cultures often bring special powers of gemstones that have been in contact with . They were influenced by the colors of fire, the transparency of glass or how they looked like the moon , the sun and the ocean. Sapphire has its own tradition and legend attached to it.

Pink sapphire earrings DiamondTo show how the story is told , this Pink sapphire earrings has been referenced in the Bible and in Greek mythology. According to the myth , Prometheus is the first to be wearing jewelry after stealing the gods . But perhaps the most important feature is that , according to the Indian culture, takes away the evil spirits . If it works or not , it could really hurt to wear a necklace of pink sapphires as a protective talisman .

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