Pink sapphire necklace


What is a Pink sapphire necklace ? One of the four precious stones , this stone is scientifically known as corundum , which is crystallized pure aluminum oxide . Heat and pressure are catalysts for the creation of corundum . The presence of small particles or iron chromium gives the stone its color. You probably imagine a certain shade of blue when you think of this stone , but there is a wide range of shades of dark blue , almost black .

pink sapphire necklace saleApart from the various shades of blue , there are also stones pink, white, yellow and black. These varieties do not – blue are called ” fancy” . Imagine how different it would be with a Pink sapphire necklace fantasy.

Where did they come from?
These stylish blue stones come mainly from various parts of Asia to include India and Sri Lanka , Australia , parts of Africa and Brazil. The majority of the blue variety of Australia and Thailand. However, Sri Lanka , formerly known as Ceylon , is the location of the oldest mines in the world . The most coveted jewels are from Kashmir and Burma , because of their pure and rich shades of blue.

Kashmir and Burmese gems are very precious and even more so when you can find a stone of superior quality. Transparent color, intense and rich results of a lot

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of money for these gems. You will be the envy of the ball in a fabulous sapphire and diamond necklace.

pink sapphire necklace and EarringsMyths and legends
This stone is mentioned in the Bible and in Greek mythology. Mystical beliefs surrounding includes protection against evil and direction in life. No matter what, sapphire earrings and a necklace of sapphires look proud and if you add a little ‘luck for your day – even better.
While gems in all their shades of blue are very popular, they are adored by people born in the month of September because it is their official birthstone . One of the four precious stones, which fortunately looks great in a variety of settings. Pink sapphire necklace look particularly nice, with a shade of blue . Platinum diamond sapphire rings are very popular for a change in the traditional diamond engagement rings .

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