Platinum love bands with beautiful channel ring setting


Among all designs that can be applied in platinum love bands, there is one design that looks so beautiful in its simplicity. The design that is meant here is completed with simple channel ring setting. If you are not that familiar with this kind of ring setting, you have to know that it is the one in which there is a channel located in the ring shank. Usually, this channel is not left empty. Instead, it is often decorated with small size diamonds that fit to be placed in it. Usually, these diamonds are made in round cut instead of others. This diamond cut will also give effect of some small empty spaces that will make the channel looks even prettier.

platinum love bands for menPlatinum love bands made in channel ring design are usually made in two options. The first one is the one that is completed also with center stone, which size is of course bigger than the diamonds placed in the channel. The second design that is usually applied in this kind of design is the design in which no center stone is available. When you hear about this second design, you may think that it is not that interesting because of the absent of center stone. The fact is that this simple design is the one that has such a special and fascinating beauty inside. That is why the ring design is mentioned to be something suitable for love bands that are made from platinum material that is well-known because of its perfectly natural white color.

platinum love bands 2013Especially for the second design of platinum love bands mentioned previously, there is in fact a suggestion that should be thought about. The suggestion is related to the type of shank edge that should be chosen more. For this design, you have to know that square edge ring shank is better to choose instead of the round or knife one. One of the reasons why this ring shank edge is chosen is because it will make the ring looks bolder in overall. Besides, it will also be helpful in making the diamonds in the channel of the ring setting.

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