Princess cut tiffany


In all over the world, there are so many things that can be included in the category of perfect gift for women. One of those is princess cut tiffany. This is in fact the name of an engagement ring that is created very especially by Tiffany, which is a designer jewelry name that is so famous in all over the world. At a glance, this ring may look quite the same with any other princess cut diamond engagement ring. Although it is so, if you look at it carefully, there are quite a lot of interesting details that makes this ring to be more special than others.

princess cut tiffany engagement ringFirst of all, let us talk about the setting of this princess cut tiffany engagement ring. This ring setting is actually something that is so simple. It is made from white precious metal. Instead of using common round-edge shank, Tiffany uses knife-edge ring shank for the setting. It is completed with cathedral mounting to place the precious stone, which is no other else but the princess cut diamond on it. It seems that the designer of this ring really think about everything carefully so that in the end the ring really looks fascinating.

princess cut tiffany diamond ringOne more special thing in princess cut tiffany, which is in fact the most prominent of all, is the princess cut diamond used to decorate this beautiful engagement ring. Unlike any other rings with princess cut diamond, the diamond that is used in this ring is cut really carefully and especially so that the level of clarity that it has is so high, even if the carat size of this stone is limited between 0.25 up to 2.5 carat only. It is so clear that this diamond is also proper to be included in the category of colorless diamond. Now, it is so sure that you find it to be reasonable if this ring is sold in a rather high price. This high quality diamond, with all values of elegance and also beauty inside, is certainly the one that makes the ring to be a really perfect gift that would always be loved by any women it is given to.

princess cut tiffany ring