Purple bubble necklace


Purple bubble necklace is one from so many other colors of bubble necklace that are loved by quite a lot of women, especially those who really love to choose their fashion accessories perfectly in order to make their appearance perfect as well. If you already purchase this kind of necklace simply because you love the color of it, you may get confused about what to wear with it. Well, this kind of confusion can actually be erased simply because there are so many ideas that you can try to do at home.

purple bubble necklace chunkybaubleIn wearing purple bubble necklace, you have to remember that you may not wear purple on purple. Since it is so, you have to make sure that the outfit that you wear, especially the top, must not be purple in color. In this case, wearing something white can be perfect because it is a neutral color that can match any color perfectly, including also the purple color of your bubble necklace. Although it is so, it does not mean that the necklace cannot be worn with any other outfit color because there are many other colors that can also be combined perfectly with purple. The example is pink and yellow.

Light purple bubble necklaceOther thing that you have to remember when you are about to wear purple bubble necklace is that you may not wear it with formal apparels. This kind of necklace is meant to be worn with something casual or at least semi formal. This may be caused by the physical appearance of the necklace that looks fun. If you plan to wear the necklace with formal wear, it seems that you have to be way more careful, not only in choosing the right design of the necklace but also in choosing the right color for it too. It is suggested that you choose dark purple color instead of pastel or even pop purple color. For you to know, in some cases darker colors are more suitable to be worn in formal occasion and it is also applied in the choice of jewelry, such as the purple necklace that we are talking about here.

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