Puzzle piece necklace


Those who have a family member with autism and those who know people who are dealing with autism in their families use the Puzzle piece necklace as a symbol of the conscious , aware of the challenges that are autistic . This will limit the ability of people to live a full life , but those who know they are safe, even if it can suffer from autism, does not mean that their life can be rich and rewarding .

Puzzle piece necklace on EtsyPeople can have a piece of a puzzle on their clothing, handbag, or in the form of jewelry on their earrings, necklaces , bracelets or . Using the puzzle piece for autism awareness can be compared to ancient times , when Christians had a secret symbol of their faith . There was a time when Christians were persecuted , and believers had a secret symbol may flash to see if another one is a believer.

Puzzle piece necklace Gift IdeaThose who wear the piece of the Puzzle piece necklace will immediately feel an affinity for another person, they find that wearing the same symbol. There is an instant bond of brotherhood , even if they have never met before . This immediately means testing trust and shared an understanding that only holders . A symbol as it brings comfort and hope to the wearer. And ‘ as if they had a secret that no one else . Although they may have a loved one who suffers from the effects of autism, who keep their thoughts and challenges related to their heart in the shape of the symbol , perhaps in the form of a Puzzle piece necklace .

Puzzle piece necklace set