Red bead necklace


The most important of the more difficult it can be to find the right look event. You can spend hours shopping at the mall, the online search, dig through your entire wardrobe, rummaging through cupboards friends, try on dress after dress and is still not satisfied.

red bead necklace EtsyHave you thought that the right dress, you just need the right jewelry to tie it all together? If these Red bead necklace could be adjusted to complement almost any outfit, that would make things easier? This is the innovative idea behind Bling Time Accessories. And “founder, Annelise Brown, has designed a complete range of interchangeable jewelry with almost unlimited possibilities.

A necklace can be worn as a necklace with several layers, necklace, belt, bracelet or bling boot. Each piece uses a delicate hook that allows it to be used as a single piece or combined with other pieces for a beautiful layered look.

Red bead necklace designsIn fact, the same necklace can create completely different depending on what it is paired. For example, a simple necklace black and silver can begin to be paired with a necklace bracelet stylish square for a fashionable way to dress up a simple office look. If you set one evening after work, you just lost the cardigan over your elegant black dress, change the black and silver necklace with a round neck and move the Red bead necklace to a bracelet. Problem solved wardrobe.
This is only possible in line with two pieces of Bling time. Annelise has personally designed over 40 individual parts and it just started. He created several pieces in a line of silver and bronze classic with several accent pieces in turquoise, red, black, bright pink, and much more.

Red bead necklace pendantSome Red bead necklace pieces are more subtle than her sweet pink collar with silver accents, while others are more daring and dynamic as its red flower, turquoise, green and silver necklace is a perfect addition to any outfit bright spring. Subtle or bold looks are interchangeable and only limited by your creativity.