Red coral necklace


The concentration and the quality of the color of a coral increases with depth. However, the coral is very sensitive to the nature and can be replicated in water which has a temperature between 13 and 16 degrees Celsius. These perfect settings are only available in certain areas. The finest Red coral necklace in the waters of the Red Sea, the Bay of Biscay to Madeira, Mauritius, Southern Ireland, the Canary Islands and Cape Verde island of Malaysia, Mediterranean and Japanese waters as well.

Red coral necklace etsyItaly is considered the center of coral jewelry making and Tower of the Greek, which is located in the vicinity of Naples, is the most beautiful coral jewelry in Italy is prepared. Large items are generally shaped by striking umbrella handles or walking sticks, while smaller pieces are shaped into oval, round or egg-shaped beads that are used in rosaries, necklaces and bracelets. Red coral necklace is perfect for carved cameos and is also gorgeous earrings, pillboxes, brooches, inlaid jewelry boxes, pendants, belt buckles, rings, studs and cufflinks as well. A large amount of coral is sold to countries such as China and India, where it is used in religious ceremonies. United States of America, Navajo and Zuni silversmiths capita reach design coral jewelry on a very large scale. The Zuni merge with jet black, despite the fact that contrasts nicely with the turquoise as well. Indians Santo Domingo Coral Shape wampum beads and style.

The different colors of coral: Coral is also known as Corallo by the Italians and in a large number of awards. The following are considered as the most excellent jewelry.

Red coral necklace and Earring set Red coral necklace is a classic and seems to be quite expensive. This is the most precious coral and the rest is in great demand worldwide because of its strength, attractiveness and positive shadow. Red Coral is derived from the sandy bed of the Mediterranean and the Gulf of Naples, which seems to be around Genoa. In addition, corals are found off the coast of Algiers and Tunis, which is the region of Africa in the waters of Provence, Sardinia, Catalonia and Corsica, and even parts the coast near the Spanish and French.

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