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Red pearl necklace is undeniably beautiful and there are so many women who want to put this necklace in their jewelry box. Even the beauty of this necklace can be said to be quite high, do you know that the red color in the pearls arranged to form the necklace is not actually the natural color of pearls? Commonly, there are only several natural colors of pearls known until now. Those are white, black, golden, brown, pink, and also lavender. If there is a natural pearl has red color on all over it, it seems to be a kind of genetically problem happens in pink pearls but this is so rare to happen.

Big red pearl necklaceThe question is; if there is no red in the chart of natural colors of pearls, how can there is red pearl necklace sold here and there? This kind of question is in fact the one quite easy to answer. The red color in the pearls of the necklace is resulted from a certain coloring or coating process can really be done to pearls. This process will give natural pearls a color which does not belong to the chart mentioned above. This way, it is so possible for pearl jewelry makers to create necklace with red color or any other colors found to be not natural for pearls.

red pearl necklace on EtsyOther than the process mentioned before, red pearl necklace can also be produced by using faux or imitation pearls. The best thing about pearl necklace made of faux pearls is not only located in the beauty of colors quite impossible to be found in natural pearls. It is also located in the price which is definitely way lower than the price applied to real pearl necklace. This way, the amount of money you can save will be quite a lot without reducing the beauty look you can have while wearing the necklace around your neck. Whether you choose a more expensive or less expensive necklace with red pearls, the sure thing is the color of the necklace is really great to show your sexiness and passion. Besides, red is also a symbol of brave soul which may be yours.

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