Rolex mens watches


In the world of the rich and famous, luxury watches , are easy to give gifts. It seems that it has become almost customary for celebrities to gift each other high end watches at any point during their relationship, even in the early months.

Apparently , spending thousands and sometimes tens of thousands of dollars on a watch for a relatively new girlfriend or boyfriend is all good in Hollywood.

The irony is that when rich people date other rich people, there almost seems to be in competition who can buy what and breeding of all other purchases.

Rolex mens watches newFor example , John Mayer seems to be the king of buying Rolex mens watches for his girlfriends, and if I ‘m not mistaken , the same Rolex . He bought both Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston gold Rolex watches . Mayer gave Jessica Simpson a Rolex Datejust Jubilee Men Watch with Oyster bracelet . When dated Jennifer ( the entire relationship lasted only four months !) He gave her a Oyster Datejust Ladies Watch with Black Dial and index roses hours. This girl has come back to these two but who walked with nothing was Cameron Diaz.

rolex mens watches leather strapIn her case, Cameron is quite capable to buy a Rolex mens watches or any other type of luxury watches, women watches or jewelry. So is Aniston. In fact, she seems to have a weakness for Cartier watches. She was seen wearing a Cartier Tank Louis , a Cartier tank Chinese and a Cartier Roadster , among other vintage Cartier watches.

rolex mens watches with diamondsLast summer, the plant shot gossip because Jen was seen wearing the Rolex mens watches had given him, that meant he was trying to send him messages he wanted to rekindle their romance. Fat luck. If a girl is given a nice watch or ring or handbag, she should be able to enjoy it as long as the memory of the former does not spoil the moment .