Rose gold bracelet for wonderful gift


For many people, gold jewellery represents the ultimate in finesse. It is most often worn around the neck and wrist although it is sometimes worn around the ankle too. Being so valuable and exquisite, it is not surprising that it attracts so much attention and admiration. Generally speaking, the higher the karat, the more you can expect to pay, but the price of gold bracelets and gold jewellery in general, depends on other important factors too. For many years, the bracelet has been a standard accessory to be worn for virtually any occasion, or for daily wear, although the gold bracelet, incluiding rose gold bracelet is often associated with more formal occasions where extra elegance is desirable.

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Rose gold bracelet is produced by adding higher portions of copper to the alloy. Unlike the copper content in yellow gold, the ratios in rose gold are much higher; it is normally 25 per cent copper to 75 per cent gold, but the copper content can be as high as 50 per cent. These ratio variations produce different degrees of red content in the gold. Silver is sometimes added to produce a true rose tint, such as what is found in typical 18K rose gold. In this case, the alloy consists of 4 per cent silver, 21 per cent copper and 75 per cent gold.The first bracelet that I will talk about here is the unique rose gold leather wrap bracelet. A brown leather cord has been wrapped with nylon thread and decorated with czech glass beads in a stunning metallic rose gold. These beads are partially opaque in a metallic rose gold, with the rest of it being a crystal rose gold. Finishing this beaded leather wrap bracelet is a large, floral clasp in an antiqued brass.It’s suitable for you that have many outdoor activities.

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The second is opal and rose gold bracelet. Large step cut nuggets of brandy and caramel colored Australian Opals are polished to perfection and strung with petite smooth wheels of palest green Peruvian Opal and highlighted with hand hammered Rose Gold Vermeil bead and Silver . These are gorgeous stones with fantastic earthy, organic appeal. This stunning, one of a kind double strand bracelet measures 8 inches and is carefully hand knotted on sturdy cognac brown silk and finished with a hand hammered Rose Gold Vermeil toggle clasp and a charm of pink and green opals. Opal is the birthstone for October. A wonderful gift for that special someone who brings warmth and sparkle to your life.

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