Sapphire engagement rings inspired by penelope cruz’s


Sapphire engagement rings were announced to be the most popular few years before because these are included in the category of colored gem engagement ring. For you to know, some female celebrities are known to be given this kind of rings too. This time, let us take a look an example of the rings that belongs to a famous model and actress, Penelope Cruz. Her ring can in fact be said as a perfect example of engagement rings decorated with sapphire gem stones because it has quite a lot of inspirational details inside. It is so reasonable then if you are suggested to check it out when you desire to get an engagement ring with sapphire stone in order to get some inspirations.

Sapphire engagement rings meaningIf seen from the general information, Penelope Cruz’s engagement ring, which was given by her current spouse Javier Bardem, this ring is the one made with golden color setting and also an oval cut sapphire stone surrounded with small accents made of diamonds. The price of this ring reaches up to more than $30.000. As an example of sapphire engagement rings, her ring may not be that high in price compared to other recent celebrities’ engagement rings that are decorated with huge size center diamonds. Although it is so, the significant source of inspirations that is available in it is located in the design of the ring that has vintage touches in overall.

Sapphire engagement rings imagesThis example of sapphire engagement rings looks special because it shows quite a lot of contrast details here and there. Those details are; the blue sapphire, the white diamond accents, and the golden ring setting. Even each of those details has different color still all of them can form a beautiful vintage combination that can perfect Penelope Cruz’ look as a beautiful lady. Some ideas that you can obtain from it is that golden color metal should not be avoided when blue sapphire is wanted in engagement ring. Other than this, another idea is that vintage design of engagement ring can still make you look perfect and beautiful as long as you see the deep meaning inside the ring as a symbol of love and as long as you are confident in wearing it around your finger

Sapphire engagement rings on the finger

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