Seed pearl necklace


From so many types of pearl necklace can be found right now, seed pearl necklace is definitely suitable to be said as the most interesting one. Obviously, the main cause of this is no other else but the use of natural seed pearls as the main decoration of the necklace. Do you have any idea about what kind of pearl these are? If you do not know about that, just like the name, seed pearls are pearls which size is so small so it is quite similar to real seeds can be found in real life. Usually, the size of these pearls is never more than 2mm if seen from the diameter.

seed pearl necklace Child'sThe use of these pearls in seed pearl necklace as well in other types of jewelry is in fact something has been done since so many years ago. To be more specific, it was started at the 19th century which is also known to be the time in which this kind of pearl gains more and more popularity. From that time on, the pearls are used in creating so many types of jewelry. The most interesting fact is that these pearls were actually also the icons of fashion in the Victorian Era. At that time, the pearls were made more often in the form of brooches, earrings, tiaras, and also pins. At that time, wearing all of jewelry types could really make women look beautiful and fashionable.

victorian seed pearl necklaceAt this point of time, the seed pearls are used to create a lot more types of jewelry including also the seed pearl necklace. For this necklace, the seed pearls are often combined with other precious materials especially yellow gold material which is used to form the setting for the pearls. This way, it will be much easier for jeweler to design the shape of the necklace with these pearls. In the past, the use of gold material for the setting of the pearls was not found quite often. This is because drilling process was used more so the small seed pearls could still be arranged on strands to be formed into beautiful necklace.

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