Silver engagement rings for him and her with simple design


While most engagement rings are crafted from yellow gold or platinum, silver engagement rings are a popular choice for their intricacy, delicate craftsmanship, and affordability. Silver rings are an affordable alternative to white gold or platinum for many couples. Not only is silver less expensive, but it is very malleable and can be used to create delicate patterns and intricate designs in addition to classic, simple configurations. When choosing a silver ring, however, always consider the additional care necessary to keep the metal tarnish-free and as sparkling as the day it is first put on the woman’s finger. With loving attention, a silver engagement ring will be just as treasured as a gold or platinum ring, and will last far past the silver anniversary.

There are several reasons why couples choose silver engagement rings over more traditional gold or platinum rings. A bride’s taste is one of the main considerations: if she prefers white jewelry that matches everything in her wardrobe, silver is a beautiful option. As for the ring itself, both design and cost factor into the choice of an engagement ring. Because silver is very soft and malleable, it is often used for fine detail work that requires elaborate shapes, such as filigrees, knots, or molds. In general, silver rings are less expensive than their gold counterparts. Silver jewelry, however, is not priced solely based on the metal, but also on the intricacy of the piece and the labor required to produce it. Because of this, a very elaborate silver ring may have a higher price tag than a simple gold design.

silver engagement rings 2013

The picture above is one example of silver engagement rings. This is handmade organic and elegant engagement and band set of rings. The rings are clean and simple, but looks very elegant and affordable. Both rings are made of sterling silver and have a matte brushed texture. A tiny rough cut diamond is set in a special star setting in the middle of the engagement ring and make it looks beautiful.

silver engagement rings custom

The second example above are Eco Friendly Engagement Ring Pair. They are A lover’s pair of artisan crafted rings, hand made from pure silver, with your mate’s first name stamped into the band. His will be thicker with a rustic background pattern with her name embedded. Hers will sport a pretty floral pattern with his name imprinted to the band. Both will feature a funky melted rim, then oxidized and spot polished for high contrast. As personalized custom engagement bands or an anniversary present, they will be an unforgettable reminder for your soul mate that they are always on your mind and eternally in your heart.

silver engagement rings simpel