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The Silver stud earrings are a classic. Almost every woman has a couple or six . Some men wear a pin or two today. There are many different types of nails, and there is something there that is perfect for all budgets . Some people prefer to spend more money, you can opt for a pair of diamond earrings. Others do not have much money, then you can go with a series of silver. Still others may opt for earrings, costume earrings ear , everything from rhinestones and gemstones stones and charms of rest between your teeth stained. Rest assured, if you are looking for the right pair of Silver stud earrings , there is something that is perfectly suited to your taste.

Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are a classic, and most of the women love to pieces. Once you have chosen the right diamond size to fit your budget , then you must decide what type of setting you want . There are many variations in the styles of parameters, the most common are the number of teeth . The shape of the diamond determines the number of teeth, because there must be enough support for the precious gem not drop the frame – it must be safe . Fortunately, the diamond industry has issued guidelines for the number of teeth on a piece of diamond jewelry must have. For example, a set of princess cut diamond earrings must have four legs and a pair of diamond studs in the shape of heart should have five . When you buy a set, be sure to visit the license of a jeweler , and ask for the pin number and standard setting for the selected diamond earrings .

silver stud earrings for womenEarrings in Sterling Silver
If you choose to buy Silver stud earrings , however, then you should consider the choice of real silver . It is not as expensive as diamond studs , and you will be able to avoid the possibility of losing the diamond setting if it falls . By choosing a high quality metal such as sterling silver, will also reduce the risk of damage to the earlobe with the metal cheaper. You should avoid these types of metals, are usually made of artificial alloys , metal cheap that have a reputation for turning your ear green . If you want quality , but you can not pay for gold or diamonds, then consider opting for sterling silver studs for you or your child.

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