Silver watches for women


Silver watches for women , Nothing says more about you than the watch on your wrist. It can reflect your taste and give the casual observer a sense of your style and what you find important.

You can certainly spend thousands on a watch, but you can also get a fashion watch for much less – a watch that will still talk to you.


Nothing is dressed as Trembrilli Swiss Quartz Mother of Pearl Stainless Steel Watch Movado . It has a stainless steel bracelet and silver tone case , which offers an elegant mother of pearl dial . The only thing that the breaking of the dial are two silver tone hands and the famous Movado single dot at the 12 o’clock position . Point represents the sun at noon, which is the way in which people told time before there were clocks. The watch runs on a Swiss quartz movement and a nice bracelet connects with a hidden clasp .

Silver watches for women cheapTo Silver watches for women a smooth, but no less elegant , check Esperanza Swiss quartz watch with a rectangular mother of pearl dial Movado . It has a stainless steel bracelet with jewelry clasp lie. The mother of pearl dial features two silver tone hands , just above the point at 12.00 the word ” Movado ” .

Silver watches for women 2014For more than a wristwatch , try Tornabuoni Diamond Bezel Swiss made stainless steel watches Gucci . The rectangular shape silver stainless steel is surrounded by two rows of diamonds on each side. The dial has a matt silver sunburst finish with high polished markers 3:00 , 6:00 to 9:00 . The Silver watches for women has four great ties 18 mm oval with legs and closing .

If gold is more your style , take a look at Invicta Pro Diver Sea Wizard III shows . The room has a gold watch bezel 18K gold plated case , which combines satin and polished finishes . Round Dial mother of pear has reference points in all positions with the exception now 03:00 and 09:00 . There is a month of line near 3:00 , a night with a line above 6:00 and day of the week dial near 9:00 . And ‘ powered by a Swiss quartz movement .

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