Sinn watches


If you are one of those who can afford and also value precision in life, you would love to wear Sinn Watches with pride. These are the products of Sinn Spezialuhren, a German watch company based in Frankfurt, Switzerland. Sinn has been making mechanical wrist watches for over half a century now. It was founded in 1961 by Hemut Sinn who was a pilot. Dissatisfied with the quality and efficiency of the mechanical watches used for navigation , Helmut Sinn set out to create great watches that were not just examples of engineering excellence but also a great navigational help for other professionals.


sinn watches


Wear with pride the German precision crafted in Switzerland.

The company was bought by Lothar Schmidt in 1994 from Helmut Sinn. Since then, this company has added many new innovations and technologies to create masterpieces of . The different models of watches made by Sinn are loved and appreciated by those who want the best and the finest of mechanical watches for themselves. There is a huge range of these watches available for use of professionals under extreme circumstances. Some of the special technologies used by Sinn in their watches are as follows.


Air-Dehumidifying technology.

This is a technique that prevents moisture from setting inside the watch when it is used under water.



This is a technology that makes the material very hard to make it virtually scratch proof and not just scratch resistant. This means that the stainless steel cover and the strap of your Sinn watch remains protected even when you use it in tough conditions.


Classic Sinn Watches


There are many other special technologies used by Sinn to make its watches really special and worthy of being worn by the connoisseurs. Sinn Watches are not only great in terms of engineering and precision, they are also very attractive and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. The above watch is one of my favorite Sinn Watches, as it looks really posh, I will definitely be buying one soon to add to my collection of watches.