Solitaire engagement rings on hand with simple diamond


If you do not want an engagement ring that is too complicated, then you can consider to choose this solitaire engagement rings on hand. Before choosing a diamond solitaire ring, it’s important to be educated on the 4Cs because, much like people, no two diamonds are alike. Understanding the 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight) ensures that you make the best choice for your taste and budget. Diamond solitaires are a classic engagement ring choice. By far the most popular choice is the round brilliant-cut, but each shape has its own special charm.
solitare engagement ring on hand diamond
The first model of solitaire engagement rings on hand that I will discuss is round brilliant-cut diamonds. Round brilliant-cut diamonds are the most popular. Their design has been developed over the last hundred years. The round brilliant-cut best features a diamond’s fire, sparkle and brilliance. Princess-cut diamonds are also very popular and offer a more contemporary look. Marquise diamonds are especially flattering for women with slender fingers. Heart-shaped diamonds are a truly romantic and unique choice.
solitare engagement ring on hand emerald
The second model of solitaire engagement rings on hand that I will discuss is Emerald-cut diamonds. Emerald-cut diamonds are excellent for women whose tastes run more to the classic. Pear-shaped cut (or teardrop) offers a unique way to express yourself. Oval-shaped diamonds have an original beauty and are preferred for women who want to break with tradition.If your engagement ring is a surprise, a diamond solitaire is always a good choice. If your partner desires more sparkle, she can choose an enhancer. In fact, some women prefer to use their enhancer as their wedding band. An enhancer is a complementary band that embraces your diamond solitaire ring. It includes smaller diamonds that accent either side of the solitaire diamond.

solitare engagement ring on hand gold
The last one that I will discuss here is engagement ring made from yellow gold with one stone. This beautiful modern ring features a bezel set center gem with a sleek and delicate band for a contemporary look. The elevated bezel allows for maximum light play, and accommodates a variety of wedding band styles to tuck underneath.solitare engagement ring on hand under 1000