Square engagement rings for women and types of diamond cut used in them


Square engagement rings for women are not always about square details that are added to the ring settings. Instead, these can also be about the types of diamond cuts used to create the square impression. Square diamond cut may not be the one that is most popular among people in a lot of societies in all over the world. Even if it is so, still this kind of diamond cut is so proper to be said as the one that can create a different type of beauty in the engagement rings. Of course, it is makes the rings to be more suitable to be given in special occasions like a moment of love like this.

Square engagement rings for women imagesUntil now, there are in fact some types of diamond cut that are suitable for square engagement rings for women. The most suitable one is no other else but princess cut. This type of diamond cut has a really strong square look. Besides, it also exposes the clarity of the center stones of the rings. That is why, whenever you think about purchasing an engagement ring with princess cut diamond, you have to considered choosing a diamond that has a better level of clarity for the sake of its beauty, even if the price that you have to pay for this may be a bit or even a lot higher. Women who are given this kind of engagement will certainly feel special and will never lose their interest in the rings because of the high quality beauty.

Square engagement rings for women 2014Other than princess cut diamond as mentioned previously, there are still other alternatives of diamond cuts that are perfect enough for square engagement rings for women. The first one is emerald diamond cut. Even the square shape of this diamond shape is not as perfect as princess cut’s it still has a rather square shape that finally makes it an alternative to consider. Other than emerald cut that is well-known because of its layering features on each side, there is also radiant cut that can be used as a good alternative to princess cut diamond. Just like emerald cut, this one also do not have a perfect square shape.

Square engagement rings for women on the finger