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Sterling silver chain is a type of metallic silver that contains 92.5 % silver and 7.5% alloy . Only money can not be transformed into a jewel or ornament without using silver alloy because the concentrate is too soft to be made ??into jewelry or other things . Alloy is the component that makes money available today for jewelry and ornaments, as it makes the ” sterling silver and durable which led to the idea of ??doing things with ” the use of money. The most popular use is for sterling silver jewelry , and widely recognized both in the form of strings that is commonly known as sterling silver chains . For years , the use of these channels is greatly increased. Hundreds of designers have developed different models to meet consumer demand . The following list is only a few types that have become very popular today .

sterling silver chain necklace for Women# Ball chain is a type of sterling silver chain used exclusively by men and boys. This is evident in the army who are eager to use chains in sterling silver ball to their dog tags . In fact, the popularity of this chain was not in the armed forces, because even foreigners wear dog tags with ball chains , even if they are not members of the armed forces.
# The cable channel is also considered a favorite . The same with his original inspiration, the Sterling silver chain has the same form with the son of cables when performed in chains because the chains that connect to each other is in a round shape .
# The anchor chain is also one of the most famous . Similar to strings of beads, the anchor chain has chosen its market and people who love the beauty of the Sea. It is a fact , because we can barely see an anchor from the sea unless it is worn as jewelry .
# The Belcher chain has almost the same design Sterling silver chain because the types are both round and oval. The only difference is that the shape of the ball is slight twist in the middle that makes it more attractive to consumers , while the dotted line is completely round which makes it a little lighter .

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