Sterling silver stud earrings


Any type of Sterling silver stud earrings jewelry you buy on the market will give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of models. The scenario is no different, even earrings in this loop of solid metal . In this article, we will discuss the different types of fasteners used in earrings in sterling silver .

Sterling silver stud earrings 2014Poster: The best way to describe a job is like a small piece of metal through the ear piercing user. The messages are mostly found in quantity. However, some manufacturers use this type of cycle in other types of Sterling silver stud earrings. When you wear earrings with messages, you must make sure that the back of the station , or using the clutch couplings or screw caps. To ensure that messages do not cause discomfort to the user, craftsmen still retain their lightness. Messages that do not have the light can cause serious damage to the user’s earlobe expand drilling unjustified. That in addition to being extremely painful it can also make it look bad ear.

Post & Hinge : If you have purchased a pair of small earrings , cufflinks, probably will be equipped with a hinge and a post. These parties should also be worn around the ear piercing , such as those equipped with simple messages . However, the process of fixing them is different , they are usually fixed by pressing cuff ends together.

Post and clasp: You’ll find this combination mainly in big circles and wrists. To wear such a pair , you have to insert the rod in your ear piercing and use the hook to close the circle . This will stop the earrings to change the position until the cycle is removed.

sterling silver stud earrings for womenHook: The hooks are mostly found in butterflies. To wear a piece that hangs on a hook, you will need to insert the hook into the hole in the earlobe . The remaining part of the posterior lobe is typically 1 inch or 0.5 inch length . This gives the strap perfect overall body weight and prevents it from changing its position . To prevent accidental removal of your butterflies, you can also get the hooks with small slides rear (mostly plastic ) .

Clip : This option is for you if you do not have reconstructed ears. People on Sterling silver stud earrings with clips, even when they want to wear more than one piece in one ear, but do not have additional piercings . Loops cut the ears are exactly like pieces of equipped items , and you will not need to cope with discomfort or fashion faux pas due to wear . This type of cycle is mainly used in earrings for children and infants.

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