Synthetic diamond rings


If being asked about whether or not synthetic diamond rings are fake diamond rings, of course these can be said to be like that. Even so, there is actually a better explanation that can be given than just saying that the rings are not real or fake. The synthetic diamonds used as the decorations of the rings are in fact more suitable to be called as the alternative to real diamonds. It is fact that there are quite a lot of people want to purchase diamond rings but cannot really afford the price. That is why something cheaper is created so that those people so that they can still look stylish by wearing shiny jewelry.

synthetic diamond rings PricesIn simple words, it can be said that the diamonds in synthetic diamond rings are man made. Usually, the diamonds are made in lab by using some methods in order to create an artificial process of diamond forming. In the end the rough synthetic diamonds are obtained. Since the process of making the diamonds is done by human, it is so reasonable that the price applied to these diamond alternatives is cheaper than the price applied to real diamonds. At this point of time, the range of price for 0.50 carat synthetic diamond is started at about $500s only up to $2,500s. This is of course the price that is way cheaper than the price of real diamonds in the same carat size, right?

synthetic diamond rings 2014Even the way cheaper price applied to synthetic diamond rings sounds to be really great, actually there are still some disadvantages that can be found in the rings because of the use synthetic diamonds. For example, the quality of these stones cannot be compared with the really fascinating quality of diamond, especially if it is seen from the hardness point of view. This is the one that make synthetic diamonds to be way less durable than the real ones. Other than that, synthetic diamonds are not really suitable to be considered as investment because the resell prices will never get higher. This kind of thing is of course the one that makes synthetic diamonds to be way different from the prestigious real diamonds.

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