Tiffany charm bracelet for every occasion


The gorgeous Tiffany Charm Bracelet that I want to describe here is Tiffany & Company 7.5 inch charm bracelet of Sterling Silver with a ‘Please Return to Tiffany’ round tag.  The tag itself is nice and bright with no tarnish or discoloration.  Has a mirror luster.  Shows some minor polish marks and some small dings that have been largely polished over; nothing distracting and you have to look pretty close.  Clasp works perfectly.  Overall presents extremely well…only appear pre-owned if inspected closely.

Tiffany charm bracelet gold

On this Tiffany charm bracelet set, four Tiffany charms are included (five if you count the round tag).  The first charm is a very traditional Horseshoe.  Probably one of the first charms everyone seems to buy.  And who doesn’t need a little good luck to carry around?  This example has zero issues.  Hallmark is sharp and complete.  No dings, dents, or major scratches.  Lovely.

Tiffany charm bracelet openheart

The second charm is a functional padlock from the ‘1837’ collection.  The spring loaded bale allows you to attach it where ever and onto whatever you want.   Makes a fantastic pendant on its own or use it as a charm on the bracelet. In perfect working order, hallmarks are sharp and bold. Very versatile piece.  This piece is pretty much as-new with only really minor contact marks. Shows as new. The third charm is a heart shaped lock pendant.  From Tiffany’s ‘Locks’ collection, this was probably meant to worn as a necklace.  It just so happens to be the perfect size for a charm bracelet.  In this collection it complements the others very nicely.  Repolished.  Shows only very minor polish lines.  No dings, dent, or tarnish.

Tiffany charm bracelet horseshoe

The fourth charm on this Tiffany charm bracelet set is a designer piece: an Open Heart by Elsa Peretti.  Her designs have pretty much become synonymous with Tiffany. The Open Hearts are one her most successful lines.  This is the small size in sterling silver.  No problems, just minor polish lines you probably will never see.  Signature and hallmarks are sharp and complete.  This one probably also started life as a pendant but makes a perfect charm on a bracelet. I recommend getting the charms soldered for safe keeping.

Tiffany charm bracelet all