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Computer radiation has become a deadly new discretion human health. There are many risks of computer radiation . I think we all have a basic understanding of them. With the popularization of computers, computer radiation is everywhere, how effective resistance of radiation damage , it is a headache problem for us. Maybe you can wear anti-radiation clothes , yes , it can help you resist a bit of computer radiation , but it is stupid to wear , and unpleasant. Would you put the cream on your face to avoid delisting , but your face is very oily and impractical. Put a little cactus “next to the computer , can effectively absorb radiation , but you can not put a cactus with you everywhere. And there are so many methods for you to avoid the radiation, but you can find these methods do you go pretty bad.

Titanium sports necklace kidsIn ePathChina online shop, there are many types of anti- radiation ‘, anti- radiation and anti- radiation Titanium sports necklace . You can leave them out of the crisis of the radiation of computer and other electron radiation . These products are not anti-radiation treatment facilities , but the types of home health staff . They are able to prevent radiation and have a good balance of function of the human body. These gadgets are anti- radiation products of high technology. This health gadget is titanium three -in-one , germanium , magnetic, the effectiveness of the three elements is great. This magic health takes full advantage of the three metals and their combined effect in one. Titanium sports necklace, What is titanium ? Titanium is a type almost no rusty safety feature, the changes should humiliate the original metal. It causes the cell through the wavelength coherent ionizing emission regulates the electrical current of the human body natural controls in trouble during the electric capacity of the body, so that has beneficial physiological action to the human body , and its chemical properties are stable , will not happen after the time change or damage the physical and moral integrity beneficial human body.

Titanium sports necklace and BraceletsWhat is Titanium sports necklace ? Around the germanium atomic nucleus has 32 ??electrons , on the side of the track , more electrons 4 are abnormal motion . Because once the temperature rise , one of the electrons from the positive side track will be charged to trace. While separate electron traces is useful to adjust the ion balance of biology, to make the body electric circuit to restore nerve exceptionally be normal , it prevents and improves the effects of discomfort and body massage and effect of the source of hot water and so on .

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