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Loop perfect ears can add an element of glamor to any outfit . Often they are the finishing touch for a well thought out together. However, less is taken into account the shape of his face when choosing Tory burch earrings, the style of the jewelry itself. The port of bad earrings can actually make your face bigger than what it is. Here are the common face shapes and styles of earrings Women who go better with them .

tory burch earrings saleOval – Oval faces are considered the perfect shape face. They have the same width as the front cheekbones . These faces are slightly more narrow at the chin. Women with oval faces are lucky because they look good in almost all styles of earrings, though women with long noses should avoid Tory burch earrings that are too long.

Round – round faces are also known as are widest at the cheekbones and narrow chin ” circular faces . .” Women with round faces should consider the elongated ears and earrings beyond the cycles chin. Stretching This is the ‘ facial appearance and avoid adding to the width or softness. earrings styles to avoid are big earrings that are round , large, wide or round .

Tory burch earrings silverHeart Shaped – Heart-shaped faces have sides that are wider than the cheekbones and narrow chin. Women with these types of face shapes should balance them with Tory burch earrings that are wider on the bottom of the upper part . Styles and teardrop earrings triangular ears are fantastic. Avoid earrings that draw attention to the cheekbones and earrings that are too long.

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