Tungsten wedding bands for men


You can buy a Tungsten wedding bands for men cheap, but it does not seem expensive. Here is a brief guide to help you decide if it suits you , and tips on how to get cheap .

The virtues of tungsten bands

If you want a ring that is scratch-resistant and will retain its luster permanent, then a strip of tungsten carbide is the right choice.

Tungsten Carbide is ranked second hardest after diamond on the Mohs scale . The diamond is rated 10 and tungsten carbide 9 .

tungsten wedding bands for men reviewsA Tungsten wedding bands for men is a contemporary and elegant style is simple, it is also lightweight and very comfortable to wear .

You can get a tungsten ring is cobalt -free so you do not turn your fingers green , and hypo-allergenic – which means that it is very unlikely to cause allergic reactions and irritate the skin.

This is the reason why a wedding band of tungsten is a good alternative to a traditional gold ring . Each year, a number of unhappy young married suffer from allergic reactions unpleasant gold rings. Although this is often called ” gold allergy “, in fact it is usually caused by reactions to gold alloys .

Because tungsten is difficult, but it can not be engraved by hand, so that the engraving is done by laser .

Wedding bands for men

The men who use tungsten bands like them, because they can do a difficult job with them and the ring, at least at the end scraped or scratched.

They are particularly suitable for a man who is not much into jewelry , because they are slightly used ( once started, you quickly forget that the door) and they are looking for men’s rings .

Get a price agreement

Tungsten wedding bands for men 2014You will probably find it difficult to find cheap Tungsten wedding bands for men in stores, but are available online in a range of styles .

If you buy online , you better know what size you need , or you may need to send a ring back and ask the appropriate one. To avoid delays, first check your exact size .

tungsten wedding bands for men with diamonds