Unique rings for women: fergie inspiration


Talking about unique rings for women, it is always interesting to check out some rings of celebrities. As the center of attention of so many people in all over the world, it is so reasonable for every accessory that they wear to be made really especially. This is the main reason why their rings can be said to be unique. One example of these rings is the one belongs to Fergie that is well known to be called as the star ring.

Unique Rings for Women picturesAs a good example of unique rings for women, Fergie’s has a really unique design. The uniqueness is in fact something that can be found in the setting of the ring that seems to be made of gold. The setting is so thick that a full star design can be made on the top part of it. The center of the star design is adorned with a brilliant and round diamond with the size of approximately 4 carats. Around this diamond, there are quite lot of smaller diamond in champagne color that is used to create a kind of radiating effect in the overall design. This very special design is something that places Fergie among all other celebrities known to own unique design of rings.

Unique Rings for Women designsThis very special ring of Fergie is the one that is designed by H. Stern. This designer is the one that is well known because of the unique creations of jewelry, including also quite a lot of unique rings for women. it is an undeniable fact that designer is the one that plays a quite important role for you who are looking for unique ring to be used as daily accessory or even something special like wedding band. Choosing a designer ring like this is not merely about investment because of the fact that usually the ring is offered in a quite high price so that you can sell it again someday, even in a higher price. It is also about how to be different by wearing the designer rings that tend to be made in limited amount with very special design for each ring.

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