Unique wedding rings for women with no diamond


Wedding rings are often identical with sparkling diamond rings, but if you want to find something unique and different, I will write  a little review about the unique wedding rings for women with no diamond. Hopefully can provide inspiration for you. The first one we will discuss is the zombie silver ring. Forget mainstream zombies and shiny vampires, anyone who knows me will tell you that my favorite horror monster has and always will be mummies. (ESPECIALLY if they are named Imhotep or Harold). This wonderful creature was made with metal clay, which is a clay containing reclaimed silver particles and an organic binder. Once the clay is fired in a kiln, the binder burns out the piece becomes .999 Fine Silver. The craftsman used a couple different techniques for this piece. Some bandages are wrapped on the ring and some are carved right into the shank to give the ring a 3-D look without being uncomfortable. The eyes are green CZ stones that are embedded into the clay before the ring is fired in the kiln so there is no need to worry about them ever falling all.

unique wedding rings for women with diamond

Our next list of the unique wedding rings for women with no diamond is the silver spinning ring. This simple massive sterling silver spinner ring is handmade and can be customized to suit your requirements. The rotating ring in the middle is matted and gives this piece of jewelry an interesting look. Wear this spinning ring as engagement ring or as wedding ring.

unique wedding rings for women with gold

And so the last  list of the unique wedding rings for women with no diamond is Crown Curved Gold Ring. Crown Curved Gold Ring assembled from two 18K yellow and white gold crown-shaped pieces, to symbolize love and trust. Can serve as a wedding ring for men and women. After all, being in a special relationship is about crowning your partner and being crowned at the same time. The intricacies of giving and receiving, trusting and being trusted, loving and being loved will make your relationship rich, special and lasting. This ring can serve as your engagement ring, wedding band or anniversary gift. If you are not in a committed relationship yet, have this ring represent your aspiration for it. This ring has a curved cut.

unique wedding rings for women with no diamond