Unusual engagement rings to look different


You are going to love whatever rock your fiancé slips on your finger (it’s not like your heart’s made of stone), but that doesn’t mean you can’t drop a few hints about the style. Here’s some inspiration to save, pin, print out, or ahem, just dream about. The first we want to discuss is Divided Engagement Ring. By dividing an overall diamond weight equally between two or more diamonds within a ring, the overall diamond cost in any one particular colour and clarity will almost certainly work out more cost effective than a single stone. Additionally such multi-diamond combinations can be worked into a host of differing styles of very unusual engagement rings. These are multi-purpose designs, we must stress, not particularly serving an exclusive function as an engagement ring, but this could form a ring purchased for occasional or every day wear, not just for the engagement ring itself.

unusual engagement rings divide

You know who you are. You always have to be different. And there’s nothing wrong with that (we can sympathize). For you impassioned rebels out there, our next  unusual engagement rings is fingerprint engagement ring. This guarantees that you’ll never see anyone else with exactly the same ring! Fingerprint rings are available in many styles. Rings by Gerd Rothmann feature a fingerprint that resembles a charm on top. Jeweler Andrew English does commissioned wedding rings with the fingerprint inside or outside.

unusual engagement rings fcocktail

Limelight “Blue Hawaiian”cocktail inspiration ring in 18K white gold and white chalcedony flower, set with one cushion-cut blue topaz (approx. 37.5 ct), one brilliant-cut yellow sapphire (approx. 0.05 ct) and 121 brilliant-cut diamonds (approx. 0.81 ct). The last unusual engagement rings is Limelight “Blue Hawaiian” ring. With a generous measure of luxury and a touch of humor, Piaget’s Cocktail jewelry quenches our thirst with its freshness and intoxicates with its beauty. The intense turquoise curaçao used in the famous “Blue Hawaiian” cocktail calls us back to our senses, thanks to the sparkling blue topaz stone that adorns this white-gold, diamond-studded ring. A frangipani flower, with chalcedony petals and a yellow-sapphire heart, floats delicately on the surface. Exoticism and escapism are at your fingertips with this ring.

unusual engagement rings fingerprint