Victorian engagement rings and some significant characteristics they have


Victorian engagement rings are precious jewelry known since a very long time ago. Just like its name, these rings were known for the very first time back then in Victorian Era. Some even mentioned that the characteristics of the rings are affected by the design of jewelry worn by Queen Victoria, who was no other else but the ruler of the era. A fun fact about these characteristics is that they are trending from the first time the rings known until now. Of course they can be said as something timeless because of this then. From a lot of characteristics available in the rings, some are more significant and can be paid attention to more when you are curious and have a desire to know about how the rings look like.

victorian engagement rings Pink sapphireThe first characteristic that you can pay attention to when you are looking for victorian engagement rings is the types of precious metal used as the basic materials of these. The rings are not like nowadays most engagement rings found at this point of time because the precious metals are only limited in yellow and also rose gold material. Other than these precious metals, there is on other type of material often used in engagement rings with Victorian style. The material is no other else but precious stones like gems and also diamonds. For you to know, the most used size for these precious stones is small instead of big or even huge.

victorian engagement rings AntiqueOther characteristic that can be said to be the identity of victorian engagement rings is motif. These rings cannot really be separated from the special Victorian motifs. These motifs are available in a lot of options actually. Even so, you can pay attention to some options only since they are more significant. The most famous motif is no other else but serpent motif that is the same with the motif of Queen Victoria’s engagement ring. If you are not interested in this motif, there is no need to worry because there are a lot others available, including flower motifs, heart motifs, bow motifs, initials and many other motifs which most are the symbolism of love and loyalty.

victorian engagement rings rose stone

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