Vintage pearl earrings


Do you know that vintage pearl earrings are actually more special than any other pearl earrings made in more modern design? If you do not know about this, you may wonder about where the special value is located. Actually, this special value is located in the uniqueness of design of the earrings which are actually made based on the inspirations of real jewelry designs in the past. If modern pearl earrings are usually made in simple designs, the designs usually applied in vintage pearls earrings are usually not simple. It can be said that the earrings has quite a lot of detailed parts which add a quite high level of beauty in the jewelry.

vintage pearl earrings AntiqueIf being asked about the shape inspirations often be used in the design of vintage pearl earrings, there are quite a lot of inspirations usually used. Some nature inspirations such as flowers and leaves are often chosen form the designs of these earrings. Other than those, teardrop design is another one used quite a lot too in the designs. Besides, there are still quite a lot of other designs taken from the inspirations of jewelry used quite a lot in some era in the past, including also the Victorian Era, which is known to be the era in which the fashion style was known to be so considered until the eras after that even until now in some certain ways.

vintage pearl earrings weddingFor the style, there are two most common styles used in the design of vintage pearls earrings. Those are drop and also stud design. Both of these styles are beautiful in each way. The sure thing is white and ivory pearl colors are the ones used more often in these earrings design instead of any other colored pearls. These colors are actually also the best ones to represent vintage style. These colors are also perfect to be combined with the design inspirations mentioned earlier. The combination of these pearls colors and pretty designs makes the earrings to be the ultimate precious jewelry every woman should have in her jewelry box. Moreover, other precious materials such as white diamonds and smaller diamond, such as diamond seeds, are often added.

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