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In the midst of a tumultuous period for the watch industry , most companies are battening down the hatches and trying to weather the storm with the least possible losses. Redundancies were made at Franck Muller and Zenith , and sales are down in all areas . Yet , in the midst of this, Vintage rolex watches has announced a massive expansion of its manufacturing facility in Biel.

A commitment of this magnitude speaks volumes about the confidence in the sector , especially as the project will take three years . Once completed the site contains all the production departments Rolex, but it will not be until 2012, long after most pessimistic estimate a recovery is underway .

Planning a project of this magnitude (the total volume for the site is really impressive 270,000 m3) was long gone, and so is the concept of expansion that raises eyebrows, but the decision to pursue plans even after the impact of the credit crisis was felt .

vintage rolex watches for womenOf course , Vintage rolex watches has been immune to the crisis in a way that few other companies can boast – Rolex is a private company with all of their shares to a charity , the guarantee of significant portion of their profits go to various charities each year and no shares are traded on a stock market. Chaotic increase and fall in share prices worldwide , adopted by Rolex, a huge stabilizer for the financial plans of the brand.

Vintage rolex watches for MenCoupled with this, Vintage rolex watches has a product that is in demand – sales fell , but the Rolex watches are still one of the most popular brands in the world , with a reputation for luxury and quality , and their fame worldwide. Not without reason was Jacques Séguéla say that it is not a Rolex when they reached 50 had “failed” in life. While the sentiment behind the statement may be argued above , the choice of the watch is undoubtedly the right place.

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