Vintage Tiffany Engagement Rings and the Special Characteristics


Vintage tiffany engagement rings can be said to be the one of the most favorite in the official store of Tiffany & Co. As a famous brand of jewelry, it is so reasonable that this brand is always looked for by quite a lot of people who really want to make their engagement special by choosing the very special rings. For this brand, engagement rings that are made in vintage design can be said to own some special characteristics that makes the rings to be different from engagement rings made by other designers.

vintage tiffany engagement rings for saleBefore talking about the detail design in the vintage tiffany engagement rings, it is so much better for us to talk about the most common materials that are usually used in each engagement ring of Tiffany & Co. that is made in vintage style. The rings are usually made with the combination of white precious metal and white precious stones as the main materials. Especially for the precious metal, you have to know that the best color that is used more in no other else but white with a bit of touch of yellowish color. This is mentioned to be the best color because of the fact that this color makes the rings to look even more vintage.

Vintage tiffany engagement rings settingsFor the precious stones, which are usually diamonds, there is no specific type of white diamond used in the design of vintage tiffany engagement rings. Even so, the one with better clarity seems to be chosen more by this famous jewelry brand. The better the clarity of the stones means the better the design of the rings look. Other than that, high clarity stones like these can match the yellowish white precious metal that is used as the main material of the rings. From so many types of diamond cut that we can find at this point of time, round cut is the one that is used more in the engagement rings made by Tiffany & Co when it comes to vintage design. It seems that this diamond cut is the one that can match the vintage theme that is applied to the engagement rings the most.

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