Wenger swiss military watch


Established in 1893 , the Wenger Corporation Wenger SA now has the reputation of being one of the best knife makers in the world and one of only two official producers of the Swiss boxcutter around the world . Their homes are nestled in the mountains of the Jura Delemont, where skilled artisans abound. Wenger swiss military watch today not only produces quality watches and knives , but their exceptional products have also expanded to include tools and outdoor , business and travel gear .

Swiss Quality

wenger swiss military watch for WomenWhen Wenger was announced in 1908 as the official supplier of the Swiss Army Swiss boxcutter , the company is committed to the pursuit of excellence , and the term ” Swiss Army ” came to burn even on watches that have begun to produce in 2003. Wenger watches are known for their durability and practicality of style because they are specifically designed to meet the highest military standards. It may be noted that the clean lines , easy to read numbers and luminous hands are trademarks of Wenger swiss military watch. Their styles are designed to be bold and subtle.

These watches are grouped into four categories – “field” , “Air “, ” sea ” and ” classic.” This effectively covers the entire spectrum of military and models specially designed for each line. Most Wenger watches cost about $ 120 to $ 200, although some high-end models with automatic movement Valjoux chronograph can cost up to a little over $ 4,000 .

Models available

wenger swiss military watch costco Wenger swiss military watch also produced a number of which are highly appreciated by lovers of classic military watch models: the Alpenrose, Commando Chrono and Escort for women , and changing the Swiss Alpine Rally and Aquagraph Deep Diver ( with limited display the date only between 4H and 5H ) for men . These special watches cost about $ 150 to $ 500 watches retailers and shops.

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