White gold earrings


White gold earrings jewelry is always a classic and practically a staple in the wardrobe of every woman. Earrings in yellow gold will never go out of fashion and are available in various more interesting shapes and designs. From the basic golden studs to implement the most complex of the most talented jewelers from around the world , gold jewelry can make any woman look and feel elegant .

white gold earrings diamondWhile White gold earrings add a touch more classic , white gold earrings are also a popular choice in today’s generation . They have a more contemporary look and are versatile pieces of jewelry. White gold actually contains a significant amount of gold combined with other precious metals such as silver . So you can expect a pair of earrings in white gold more expensive than the other yellow gold .

Know your gold jewelry

The purity of gold is determined by the number of carats with classifications , 10, 12 , 14, 18 and 24 carats , respectively. The number indicates the percentage of karat piece of gold jewelry is made with 24 carats of pure gold means. Karat markings are accompanied by the manufacturer’s brand . Gold jewelry can be plated or filled . The precious metal may also be used as a coating .

white gold earrings designsSolid White gold earrings is the best option if the earrings in yellow gold to be worn on a daily basis . It is more resistant and hypoallergenic mixed with a large sheet of metal alloy parts. In the U.S. , gold jewelry of any karat may still be called solid gold . Gold plated earrings and gold filled are more likely to tarnish or fade in color.

Picking earrings yellow and white gold

There is no limit to the designs available for both earrings in white and yellow gold. If you are handy and want something basic that you can use for a long period of earrings or gold are the best choice. Earrings gold earrings can be worn with anything and will look good on anyone . Fine earrings fall are easy to wear and are usually made in interesting geometric shapes. Both types are best in 14k yellow gold or white.

White gold earrings hoops

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