White gold necklace


I wanted to get my wife something very special for our anniversary . This will be our first anniversary and I really wanted to express my love and faith with a great present . I watched a lot of White gold necklace jewelry . This is because my wife loves money more than gold , but I want to give him something of higher value . I came across a necklace of silver cross , but it is not everything I wanted . I want something of value, but it is not as expensive as platinum cross necklace that I found!

I keep looking . As I ‘m looking at my beautiful wife . I think the strength of his faith and how much I respect her for that. I want to get something to show my respect , my love and appreciation. I find it very pretty white gold cross earrings , but she already has tons of earrings. So I continue to watch.

White gold necklace for womenI finally found what I was looking for – a White gold necklace . It ‘clear , simple, and absolutely gorgeous – just like my wife. I am sure you will enjoy it . I instinctively control the minute I think.

Unfortunately, the way I am, I’m totally sure when I buy the gift , but the time between now and give it to him , I am convinced that it was wrong , I fret and worry . What is a white gold cross necklace is the right thing to my wife? You deserve the best, is the best I can do?

white gold necklace designsSo after hurting for two weeks worrying about the reaction of my wife in her new White gold necklace, I give you.

I hold my breath . She starts to cry! Oh my God, what have I done? I almost started crying , I try to console me and then she looks at me, and said :

“Dear , this is the most beautiful white gold cross necklace I’ve ever seen and I feel lucky to have a husband like you think I do . ”

Ok, ok , I can start to breathe again, she does not hate me … Wait until he really loves … wow , I had something really good for my wife ? Well, that’s what he said .

Now I know that when I’m looking to buy jewelry for my wife , I always go with my instincts . I’ve known her long enough to know what she likes and she wears this white gold cross necklace every day , so I ‘ve done a good enough father .

white gold necklace with Diamonds