Women platinum ring for special moment


Platinum ring is now widely used as an option as the engagement ring and wedding ring. Platinum is the most durable of fine jewelry metals. It does not chip or splinter easily, making it perfect for diamond and gemstone settings. It is similar in color to white gold, but compared side by side, the difference is quite clear. Platinum jewelry is usually 95% pure platinum with 5% iridium or palladium alloy. It can also be 90% pure platinum with 10% iridium or palladium alloy. To guarantee its quality, each piece should be stamped with a 900 Plat to denote 90% platinum or a 950 Plat or Plat mark to denote 95% platinum. There are many models of women platinum ring. I will give you some examples that can give you some inspirations.

women platinum ring glamour

This is traditional 2mm women platinum ring shines in strong and radiant 950 platinum. The slim band has a rounded shape and a bright polished finish. This ring is an excellent choice for the women who prefers a simple, and classic look. This model is really very simple because without carvings and gemstones.Platinum is a beautiful and popular precious metal, valued for its extreme rarity and natural silver-white luster. It does not splinter or wear away easily, making it the most durable choice for everyday wear. Because it is 95% pure platinum, 950 platinum is also hypoallergenic, making it an ideal choice for those with metal sensitivities.

women platinum ring sapphire

There are glamorous  women’s wedding bands, in styles ranging from antique inspired to unique modern designs. This women platinum ring  with amazing flower and vine cut-out ring features pavé-set round diamonds and romantic milgrain detailing can be a good choice. A sizing bar in the back allows for future adjustments. This model is perfect for women who love the glamor and likes to be the center of attention.

women platinum ring slim band

The next model of women platinum ring is platinum vintage sapphire and diamond ring. This ring model looks sweet and elegant. Not too simple but not too complicated. It’s suitable for the dynamic women. Evocative of days gone by, this vintage inspired ring features brilliant blue sapphire baguettes alternating with round diamonds and surrounded by delicate milgrain. The band is hand-engraved in a fanciful floral pattern on both the top and sides for additional appeal. This is suitable for promise, engagement and wedding ring.

women platinum ring