Wrap bracelet


Wrap Bracelets have been the latest fashion trends over the past decade and many people have been making their own designs with their own imaginations, there are endless color combinations and so many Wrap Bracelet Ideas to come up with.


Wrap Bracelet


Chan-Luu Wrap Bracelets are well known, but the price tags of their products are really expensive and we are looking around $150+ USD per item depending on the type of Wrap Bracelets and just too expensive. These kind of bracelets can actually be handmade by you for just under $20 USD, if you can find the right Supplies.

On Etsy there are many Jewelry Supplies where you can buy Wrap Bracelet Supplies. If you haven’t heard of Etsy before, well let me tell you who they are. They are a website with thousands of sellers selling mainly handmade, vintage and supplies. There is one shop I love called Supplies Direct, check it out. They have many great leathers ranging from 1mm to 3mm, great button designs with shanks, cool gemstone and brass beads ranging from 3mm-6mm, which are perfect for your Wrap Bracelet projects. Their prices are also very reasonable.


Silver Brass Beads for Wrap Bracelet


So what kind of Wrap Bracelet Ideas are there?

Here is a list of some Wrap Bracelet Ideas which you can keep in mind when creating your own bracelet :


  • Different color combinations of the leather / beads / thread
  • Different shape of beads (diamond/faceted/round/cube/rectangle)
  • Different Style buttons
  • Different thickness of the leather cords
  • Add unique charms to your Wrap Bracelet
  • The number of wraps
  • Patterned beaded wraps (a variety of different beads in one wrap)

Its just endless!